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Zbuckz Launches GDude-JP With Modern Kink, Asian Traditions
September 22nd, 2020
LAS VEGAS — The all-male Zbuckz affiliate network has launched Gdude-JP.com from "bodybuilder and entrepreneur Duncan Ku," in the persona of "GunRyu," which aims to combine select Japanese and Chinese cultural traditions with "modern kink and hot group action."

A Zbuckz rep described Ku as "one of the top male porn figures in the Asian market." The performer and filmmaker recently directed and starred in "Masters of the Iron Cock" for Zbuckz imprint Peter Fever East.

"Just a year ago, Ku was on an all-male Atlantis cruise when he struck up a friendship with an American porn producer," a rep explained. "When the sexually-driven fitness enthusiast showed him his amateur nudes and homemade clips, the producer encouraged Duncan to go for it and aim for a second career in gay adult entertainment. After a year of developing his craft, working in tandem with established websites like Zbuckz’ awardwinning Peter Fever, Ku had amassed a library of over 70 scenes. His new website brings those lush and fetishy productions to a worldwide audience."

Gdude-JP is described as "an all-Asian product, with local models and an Eastern sensibility. The 'GunRyu' persona is a nod to the hot muscular men of Japanese erotic manga. The site’s stories, sets and costumes are a mix of modern orgies, muscle dudes, jocks, harnesses and leatherwear and more traditional Japanese and Chinese motifs. Stories veer from familiar porn hookups, like sexy workouts in a deserted gym, to elaborate cinematic martial arts scenarios where fights spill over into overheated fucks."

Zbuckz CEO Danny Zeeman noted Gdude-JP fills "a fresh, unexplored niche in the gay adult market."

"I got to know Duncan and his incredible talents working with him on Peter Fever productions," he said. "When I found out he had his own archive of incredibly unique and sexy videos that were largely unknown outside of Asia, I jumped at the opportunity to help him bring his brand of highly cinematic videos with gorgeous Asian men to the West."

Duncan Ku said he is "still learning from the professionals" and enthused about "venturing into new areas to please the fans."

"In my opinion, movies are made to entertain people. We've received many interesting suggestions from fans and look forward to exploring different fields or adding new elements in our films," he said. "For example, we recently added a scene where GunRyu smells the other actor's feet in a close-up shot, to a great positive reaction from foot fetishist members. Making clients happy and satisfied motivates me to keep creating."

Gdude-JP goes live today. Visit Zbuckz for affiliate details; direct inquiries to dannyz@zbuckz.com.