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Zbuckz’ Bareback Zombie Epic Brings Halloween, 100% Payouts to PeterFever in October
September 25th, 2020
(Los Angeles, September 25, 2020)
Sexy thrills compete with undead chills in PeterFever’s new five-week series “Zombie Cumsuckers”, debuting Tuesday, September 29th. The movie is the studio’s first foray into production during the Covid era, where the company was able to get all the models and crew tested for the virus (and all other STD’s) via Talent Testing. The epic story of an innocent couple lured into a sex party trap by oversexed zombies features PeterFever favorites David Ace and Jessie Lee along with popular industry models Jack Hunter and Zario Travezz. Hunter and Travezz make their first appearances on the Asian-niche site with the new seasonal chiller. The movie will air through Halloween season on PeterFever.com starting September 29th and all Revshare affiliates promoting the site will earn 100% commission on new sales every weekend of the month.

Directed by Guy Criss from a screenplay by Len Whitney, “Zombie Cumsuckers” begins with a stylized silent-movie transformation of hipster Zario into oversexed zombie at the hands of Jessie Lee’s Zombie King. To complete their unholy quartet, they send out a mysterious sex party invitation to Jack and David and play a sex-laced cat and mouse game with their unwitting victims. Once Jack spies his lover being turned into a zombie by slurping Zario’s toxic sexual emission, he uses a Google search to find a solution to return the zombies to human form. When all ends well, a hot fourway orgy between the story’s principals proves that mortal humans can be just as oversexed as undead horndogs.

The pivotal role of the heroic lover relies on the acting chops of former Grabbys “Newcomer of the Year” Jack Hunter. Keeping a straight face through the script’s goofy twists and turns, Hunter calls on the training he’s amassed pursuing a career in Hollywood. Add to that David Ace’s horny histrionics and Travezz and Lee’s deadpan delivery, and “Zombie Cumsuckers” offers the mild jokey thrills of a primetime Halloween tv special. But a campy story is more than balanced by overheated erotic action among the diverse cast.

The story grew from the germ of an idea Zbuckz CEO Danny Zeeman broached with Criss and Whitney. “I wanted to create a fun feature film based on my love for TV shows like The Walking Dead and Korean films like Train to Busan” he explains. “But of course, giving it our signature PeterFever erotic twist. I think fans of the genre will greatly enjoy the results.” The series was lensed at the well-equipped erotic playground of LA’s Sanctuary Studios, where COVID-19 precautions were strictly observed. To protect their staff and our shooting crew, masks were required and temperatures taken for anyone entering the building. Director Criss notes, “We took the necessary precautions during this shoot so that the viewers can lose themselves without having to worry about real life for a few minutes. Our job is to deliver a fantasy and we did an amazing job doing exactly that with this sexy Halloween thriller that will leave many a ball drained.”

Experience the fun and hair-raising erotic action of “Zombie Cumsuckers” just in time for Halloween month when its first scene, “The Sperm Turns,” heats up PeterFever.com
starting September 29th. Subsequent episodes premiere Tuesdays through October 27.

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