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'Tatami' Marks Abysse and Kawasaki's First Bisexual Fetish Video
September 21st, 2020
Axel Abysse, Japan’s perverse poet of pornography, joins with partner and frequent collaborator Yoshi Kawasaki and two renowned Tokyo dominatrices in this week’s surprising and ambitious “Tatami”. The 25-minute scene, a bisexual first for both Abysse and Kawasaki, combines an unscripted BDSM scenario with the sheen and tradition of Japanese ceremony and music.

Axel and Yoshi are tied, tortured and fisted by sadistic, kimono-ed Mistresses Hinako and Kinako in a traditional house (since destroyed). It’s presented entirely in Japanese, with English subtitles. A short description of the scene: “Powerful Mistresses Hinako and Kinako get their puppets Yoshi and Axel tied and ready. Shibari, torture, fisting... A Japanese tale where tradition meets debauchery and pain grows into delight.”

The Mistresses are an integral part of “Tatami”. Mistress Kinako recalls “the musky scent of two men eagerly experiencing each others’ bodies. It is no secret that many women watch and enjoy ‘gay porn’; sexual acts between two men could be the ultimate fantasy for women (or anyone’s, really). But what happens when two women inject themselves in such scene? Is it no longer ‘gay’ porn? Could it possibly be considered subversive? I enjoy shaking out the habitual and pushing the edge when it comes to my personal practice. Deny the norm. Destroy the preconceived notions of sexuality and sensuality. ‘Tatami’ is an excellent sample of my personal and professional sexual explorations, and will speak for itself.” And Mistress Hinako adds, “I have had plenty of fetish experiences on and off camera, but this situation was a first! I’m really looking forward to the reactions from the audience. We’re four strong personalities and we achieved a great connection!

Kawasaki enjoyed his first bi-sexual experience on camera. “Tatami is my very first attempt to perform in bi-sexual porn. For this nervewracking experiment, I could not ask for better scene partners. Two devoted and yet very sadistic mistresses, Hinako and Kinako, and a fellow pig Axel Abysse. Sexually-speaking, I have never been interested in women and they will probably not be a sexual interest in the future. However, what I can say for certain is that the pleasure I experienced with these 2 ladies was as amazing as I’d have with any men!”

Director Abyssehimself explains the heightened atmosphere creating the new scene. “I have fantasized filming a Japanese atmosphere like ’Tatami' for a long while. Kimono, fundoshi, shamisen and gaping holes. Bringing Mistress Kinako, Mistress Hinako and Yoshi along in my fantasy felt surreal. I’ve had experience with women before but this is the first time on screen. Submissive men, women in power, fisting, watersports – it’s always a great pleasure to break the codes of what’s normal, what’s expected. Porn plays it too safe too often, repeating the same concepts over and over. I want to be able to inspire new fantasies. If it turns me on, I’m convinced it will have a similar effect on someone else too. Gender doesn’t matter much to me when it comes to fisting, as long as my partner share the same desire for sloppy gaping holes. I’m exploring my own sexuality while expanding my vision. Real BDSM sessions are hard to find in porn. Watch for the fear and pain in our eyes, bruises on our skin, smiles on our faces. You know it’s authentic. You also know I couldn’t touch my thighs for a few weeks after this much flogging, ha!”

This unusual collaboration of four distinctive kink artists is set to premiere on all their respective websites, beginning Friday August 28th on AxelAbysse.com, YoshiKawasakiXXX.com, hinako-b-clinic.com and MistressKinako.com .

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About Axel Abysse: Born in the in the countryside of south France, introverted and lacking in confidence as a kid, Axel escaped in his dreams and captured his fantasies on paper, writing and drawing on sketchbooks. His artistic interests soon brought him to pornography, as his growing body showed the first desires to be explored. While studying arts and more importantly cinema in Paris, Axel took a fist in him for the first time at 18. He obviously never went back. Later, living in Japan, he explored photography using his obscene self as a model. Surprised, yet turned on by the reaction of hundreds of admirers online, he decided to share what he calls “his curse” with the world. Abysse is born.
With exhibitionism as a pretext to exercise his self-taught filmmaking skills, a first video is uploaded on Xtube in 2014. It is the first of a long series of sometimes, somewhat experimental pornographic pieces in which the performer explores the art of fisting, alone or with partners from all over the world. His work started getting more attention over the months, and he was then invited by renowned studios to perform in the USA with big names of the industry, such as Brian Bonds and Amerifist. In 2017, after meeting with the inspirational trans-porn icon Buck Angel, Axel decided to fully embrace his creative and sexual passions with his website.

About Mistress Hinako:Japanese dominatrix based in Tokyo, Mistress Hinako started sexually experimenting at an early age, encouraging bondage games with other students, exploring restrictive fashion and heavy rubber. As she got older, she learned that there were many kinds of fetishists in the world and that she had her own unique fetishes. As she came to understand “Fetishism” more, she was fascinated by its depth and limitless potential. Fashion, impact, stimulation, extreme immobilization, power exchange. She set out to explore the world of fetishism, from benign to bizarre.
Through her experiences as a professional dominatrix she found the charm in a newer and freer form of BDSM that is not available in a conventional Mistress-slave relationship or sessions. In recent years, clients from all over the world come to her to explore the edges of their desire.
Her goal is to provide pleasure to fetishists from everywhere, guiding them to release the potential of their secret selves.

Website: mistresshinako.com
Clips site: https://hinako-b-clinic.com
Twitter: @mistresshinako

About Mistress Kinako: Identifying as femme queer, Mistress Kinako is a well travelled Japanese dominatrix based in Tokyo. Nerdy witch and art lover, she craves a life of BDSM and sensuality, away from all forms of ignorance and bigotry.
Mistress Kinako is a true passionate sadist. Apart from her private sessions, she has performed on the main performance stage of Folsom Street Fair, in Tokyo with Axel Abysse on the stage of Blasphemy amongst other performances and projects.

Twitter: @MistressKinako

About Yoshi Kawasaki: I am Yoshi Kawasaki, Japanese XXX adult entertainer and porn director. Born in Japan, from a young age I had a big interest in fetish, reading erotic mangas mainly by Gengoroh Tagame. Once I started watching porn, my dream was to become a porn actor. That is when I started developing the fantasy of being used and abused by men as if I am just a piece of meat.
In 2011, I went to live abroad for the first time. My first stop was in Redondo Beach, California in the United States. There, while I studied English, I also studied the taste of men of other races. In 2013, I moved to London, England, where I had my debut in porn with UKHotJocks! At the same time as I started exploring the porn world, I also started exploring the world of fetish in person.
During my explorations, I also discovered PrEP and PeP. Once I discovered the taste of bareback, I knew there was no turning back for me. And now I can say I’m a proud cumdump!
I am thrilled to be both in front of and behind the camera, to not only make all my own sexual fantasies come to life, but also to please all of my fans in new and unexpected ways. YoshiKawasakiXXX.com

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